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Brian Bonhomme

DATE OF BIRTH:  30th September 1962

How did Brian start in music?
Brian got involved in music at the age of 7, when he found his Dad’s old guitar in the attic. After strumming a few times (and getting several blisters) the guitar collapsed due to wood worm. Brian later persuaded his parents to buy him a guitar.

How did Brian become a member of the band?
Brian, along with Simon and another bassist, formed Roman Holliday in November 1980.

What did Brian do after leaving Roman Holliday?
Brian got another band together with Adrian York (who also left at the same time). Unfortunately, that did not work out, so Brian started work on another project with Jon Durno, Roman Holliday having split completely by this time. Unfortunately, again this also got nowhere. However, a song written by Brian, Jon Durno, and Rod Nash was covered by Samantha Fox on her “Touch Me” LP.

In 1986, Brian moved to New York, USA. He soon joined a band called “Stealing  Horses” through Jon Durno (Jon had been with them for some time). Brian was  fired from the band for, in his words, “not looking Kentucky enough” (the band was from Lexington, Kentucky, USA). Brian points out that Jon, who remained in the group for several months thereafter, seems not to have had the same problem. “I guess Jon’s hair grew quicker than mine,” says Brian.

Brian has no involvement with the music business any more, but still enjoys writing songs. He has been teaching History for several years now and has got his Ph.D. in History. Well done Dr. Bonhomme.

You can purchase Brian’s music through iTunes or Brian’s site at:-