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John Eacott

DATE OF BIRTH: 19th December 1961

How did John start in music?
John has always wanted to be a trumpet player, ever since the age of 7 when he started playing. John has come from a musical family where his parents were in a band called “The Eacott Family Band” with his Mom on drums and his Dad on piano.

How did John become a member of the band?
John was busking in Soho Square, where he was heard by Roman Holliday, and they liked what they heard.

What did John do after leaving Roman Holliday?
After John left, he was a co-founder and composer for Loose Tubes. He was also Orchestral Director for the Test Department for their major multimedia shows in Paddington, Vancouver, Valladolid and Glasgow. As a musical director for the David Glass Ensemble, John wrote 3 shows including the famous “Gormengast”. This show played in the West End, London and toured worldwide from 1991 to 1997. John has also wrote many compositions for television and film, which includes North of Vortex,  The Miramax Feature, Three Steps To Heaven and the documentary series in 1998 entitled “In The Footsteps Of Alexander The Great”.

John now lectures in Commercial Music at the University of Westminster.