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Jon Durno

DATE OF BIRTH: 4th March 1962

Jon is a jazz fan and likes The Faces and The Stones

How did Jon start in music?
Jon joined his first band at the age of 10. The band was called “Image”.

How did Jon become a member of the band?
Jon met Steve and Simon in a pub. He didn’t know them and was suprised when Simon (who had at least 30 colours in his hair and a day-glo jumper on) said to Steve “This geezer plays bass”. It appears a friend of Jon had told him.

What did Jon do after leaving Roman Holliday?
Jon worked with Brian  on a project together after the split, but unfortunately, the project did not  take off. Jon then spent quite a time as Sam Fox’s musical director from the “Touch Me” album until the mid 90′s. Jon co-wrote Sam’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest “Go For The Heart“.

When Jon was in USA, he was with a band called “Stealing Horses”. When the guitarist left, Jon called Brian, who briefly joined the band. Jon stayed with the band for several months longer . Jon has over the years worked as a  keyboard/guitar technician for Chirs de Burg, David Hasselhof, Alan Parsons  Project and Ringo Starrs All Stars, to name just a few.

The last time Jon was involved in the music business was with Ring Starr at  the Michael Jackson & Friends benefit in Munich for Kosovo in the Summer of 1999.

Most of Jon’s time is now spent in his engineering business, away from the hustle and bustle of the music.