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Simon Cohen

DATE OF BIRTH: 11th January 1963

Simon has quoted
“I just like being silly. There’s no point in being  sensible, it’s boring.”
Simon seems to have stuck to this.

How did Simon start in music?
Simon started out in the music world by following his fathers footsteps, and became a drummer.

How did Simon become a member of the band?
Simon, along with Brian, formed Roman Holliday in November 1980. He has said his favourite song is “Furs ‘n’ High Heels”

What did Simon do after leaving Roman Holliday?
Simon was in a couple of bands after Roman Holliday, one of them was called Halcyon Daze and included Jamie Harris, son of the famous actor Richard Harris. Simon is now concentrating on the managerial side of the music business and is looking for a band to manage for a new record label created by ex-Duran Duran Nick Rhodes. Simon spends his time as a Taxi driver in London.