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All songs published by Zomba Music Publishers Ltd except the  following:
Touch Too Much – Chinnichap Publishers Ltd
Roman Holliday EP –  Musicpiece Publishers Pty Ltd

Cat No.ReleasedComments
Jive3125/02/837″ single
JiveP3125/02/837″ Picture Disc
JiveT3125/02/8312″ Single
Side 2 by arrangement with BBC Records
JiveG3125/02/832 x 7″ singles
Second record is a picture disc.
Jive3910/06/837″ Single
JiveP3910/06/837″ Picture Disc
JiveT3910/06/8312″ Single
Side 1 has Extended Club Mix
Side 2 has Dub Version and Acapella version
Jive4909/09/837″ Single
JiveP4909/09/837″ Picture Disc
JiveT4909/09/8312″ Single
Jive5910/08/847″ Single
JiveP5910/08/847″ Picture Disc
JiveT5910/08/8412″ Single
Pistols In His Pocket is instrumental
Jive8319847″ Single
From the film “Teachers”
JiveT83198412″ Single
Side 2 has 2 new versions
Jive91Mar 857″ Single
JiveT91Mar 8512″ Single
Cat No.ReleasedComments
JLM580861983Roman Holliday 5 Track EP 
for USA and Canada
HIP 9198312″ LP Cookin’ On The Roof
HIP C 91983Cassette Cookin’ On The Roof
HIP 17OCT 198412″ LP Fire Me Up
HIP C 17OCT 1984Cassette Fire Me Up
CRPOP131JUL 2013CD Cookin’ On The Roof