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Fire Me Up LP

RELEASE DATE:October 1984 
SIDE 1:One Foot Back In Your Door
Fire Me Up
Hear It In The Night
Keep The Night Away
I’ll Wait
R. J. Lange
B. Bonhomme, S. Lambert
S. Lambert
B. Bonhomme
S. Lambert, J. Durno
S. Cohen, J. Eacott, S.  Lambert,
J. Durno
SIDE 2:Touch Too Much
Strangest Feeling
Don’t Take It  All Away
Red Turns To Blonde
You Know Me Well
M. Chapman, N. Chinn
S. Lambert, J. Durno
B. Bonhomme, S. Lambert
A. York
S. Lambert, B. Bonhomme

Also released as a cassette.